Boutique DMC Prague

Fortissimo Prague DMC is a boutique destination management and event production company operating not only in Prague but in all regions of the Czech Republic. Since 2001 we embrace our expertise, creative minds and experience to organize efficient meetings, professional conferences, exciting incentives, ingenious team building activities and compelling events for our clients.

Using in-depth knowledge of the local market, we build expert supplier teams and create once-in-a-lifetime experiences in our enchanting destination. We focus at perfect understanding our clients’ needs and help them reach their objectives. Being inspired by Swiss perfection in everything we do, we provide excellent service, tailored solutions of the highest quality and we act as a guarantee of a seamless execution. 

Being a team of industry professionals, Prague DMC locals and lovers, we strive to let the clients see our destination by our eyes and enjoy it by all five senses. We help them design unique and authentic events and programs fine tuned to the very last detail.

We create experience beyond expectations. We treat our clients like stars and help them shine in front of their audience.