#51/2017 Success story

"Once again I would like to thank Fortissimo team very much for an absolutely excellent organization of such demanding event. As expected, we dealt with many special requests and last minute changes, all of which you accommodated with smile and ease. Bravo!" 

J. W. S. | Project Director

In May, 160 members of a foreign political party visited the highest political representatives of the Czech Republic. We assisted with the organization of an intense 3 days’ program literally broken down to minutes.

A visit to the Embassy where the Ambassador welcomed all delegates was followed by a dinner in an Art Nouveau restaurant in the Municipal House. The location not only offered exquisite cuisine but also ambiance linked to a modern political history of the Czech Republic, as the First Republic of Czechoslovakia was declared and signed here. After the dinner, all guests enjoyed an evening walk over the night-lit Old Town towards the hotel.
The next morning a visit to both Chambers of the Parliament was held. Welcome speech and short guided tours of the House of Senate were followed by political discussions of several expert committees in the House of Deputies, attended by both Czech politicians and their foreign counterparts. The delegates enjoyed a walk through a charming Wallenstein Garden to a lunch at a sun terrace of a modern restaurant right at the Charles bridge. A set of meetings with some of the highest political representatives of the Czech Republic or those of the corporate sector followed, while some of the delegates had a chance to see the Prague Castle, Old Town or to enjoy a cruise at the Vltava river in the meantime. The day was closed by a gala dinner at an enchanting Baroque chateau. The most famous Czech singer, attending the gala dinner as a special guest, decided to give everyone a once-in-a-lifetime memory and sung several songs unplugged and with a huge support of all of other guests. An unbelievable moment which could not have been created, which just happened and perfected the success of this great evening...
A farewell lunch at a medieval castle outside of Prague then closed the program.