Prague Events

Viewed from the event management perspective, Prague is like a canvas to a painter. Both its cosy atmosphere and the unparalleled variety of beautiful venues in different styles of architecture from historic ones to modern, create quite a unique background to work with. Orchestrating an impressive event is an art to us. We see thorough understanding the event’s objective, creative minds, extremely well functioning logistics and attention to the smallest details as key factors defining a way to a memorable event in Prague, in the Czech Republic or anywhere in the world.

Using our experience and knowledge, we will guide you through the venue finding process, help you negotiate contracts, plan logistics and create event concepts. We will hand pick the best local suppliers, bejewel your events by premium catering service, inventive event décor and stage design, top them off by state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions and thrilling entertainment. No matter if you plan a launch of a new product, a theme party, 150th anniversary, awards dinner for your best performers or a gala dinner under a special protocol, Fortissimo Prague events team will help you compose and fine tune all features of your event and let you shine like a star in front of your audience.